Experience for yourself that "out-of-sync" feeling that kids with sensory integration and processing issues live with and learn strategies to help these sense-ational kids succeed in school, at home, and out-and-about.

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  • Sponsors conference and workshops with renowned professionals
  • Presentations for Schools, Support Groups, Parent-Teacher Associations, Non-Profit Organizations
  • Consulting services for Parents and for Schools

Sensory Street (tm) At Home Consulting
Assisting parents in implementing the sensory diet 'prescribed' by their children's occupational therapist in the comfort of their own homes; Offering home-based strategies to incorporate positive movement, sensory, and nutritional experiences into their child's home-time; Creating affordable sensory-minded spaces that meet their child's specific needs.  

Sensory Street (tm) At School Consulting
Transforming classrooms and other areas into sensory-minded spaces to honor the needs of the students, educators and staff; Offering strategies to incorporate movement and sensory experiences into the school day, guaranteed to increaseattentiveness, motivation and learning; Implementing nutritional supports that enhance performance in school. 

Sensory Street (tm) Healthy Choices Consulting 
Our children deserve as much of us as we can give them. But if we don't take care of ourselves, then we have nothing to give. Have you been neglecting your health, your nutrition goals, exercise goals, fun goals? Are you tired, hooked on coffee and reaching for the snack foods?  Most of us are way too stressed and have too little time to focus on ourselves. 

In concert with your personal health goals, Sensory Street (tm) designs customized lifestyle programs to help bring balance back into your life.  A holistic approach to health, looking at all areas of your life and collaborating with you to build a manageable program to regain control over your health ... nutrition, relationships, exercise, work, mindful practices, priorities. We can work together to look at how all the parts of your life affect the whole. Making healthful choices supports a more healthful life for you, and your children.